How To Cisco Switch Settings for DFWorks systems


 Cisco Switch PORT Configuration Requirements
If you are troubleshooting a customers network and a Cisco switch is being used.. or if a new customer requests using a Cisco switch please make sure any switch port being used for PB equipment is set as follows.
-      Broadcast Storm Control =  OFF
-      Packet Buffering = OFF
-      Spanning Tree = OFF
-      Cisco Ports set to Auto for UIC(Infinity) & Mega (DM1000) Meters
-      Cisco Ports set to 100 full duplex matching them to DC, DFWorks server(s) and DC Server.
Note: Newer DC - Workstations/Servers may be set with 1 Gig speed, matching the ports on the Cisco Switch.


UPDATED: April 19, 2017

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