How to confirm Internet Explorer 8 settings for DFWorks


Internet Explorer 8 Configuration for DFWorks

***NOTE: Only DFWorks version 2.10.19 and above supports IE8

1. Open a session of Internet Explorer.

2. Confirm version of Internet Explorer is Internet Explorer 8.
a. From the Menu Bar, select Help
b. From the Help Menu, select About Internet Explorer
c. Below is what you should see in order to continue:
User-added image
d. Click OK to clear the above About Internet Explorer window.

3. Launch the Developer Tools Utility
a. From the Menu Bar, select Tools
b. From the Tool Menu, select Developer Tools:
User-added image

4. Working now from the Developer Tools window:
User-added image
a. From the Menu Bar, select Browser Mode
b. From the Browser Mode Menu, select Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View:
User-added image
c. Again from the Menu bar, select Document Mode
d. From the Document Mode Menu, select Quirks Mode:
User-added image
e. From the Menu Bar, select File
f. From the File Menu, select Exit

5. Now that you have set the Mode characteristics, we want to apply these characteristics to only the DFWorks Web sessions.
a. From the Menu Bar, select Tools
b. From the Tool Menu, select Compatibility View Settings:
User-added image
c. In the Compatibility View Settings window, add the DFWorks IP address as related to the segment that you are access DFWorks from
User-added image
Example: from DFWorks server, the IP address required would be
Example: From a Customers workstation, the IP address might be
d. Once you have entered the appropriate IP address, click on add:
User-added image
e. Now click on Close

6. Verify that the HTTP 1.1 setting is accurate
a. From the Menu Bar, select Tools
b. From the Tool Menu, select Internet Options
c. In the Internet Options Window, select the Advanced tab
d. Scroll down the list of options until you find the HTTP 1.1 setting:
User-added image
e. Make sure the ‘Use HTTP 1.1’ is checked
f. Make sure the ‘Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections is unchecked
g. Click on OK

UPDATED: March 23, 2017

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