PIOM - Output is not Printing



Private Bank hitting too many overlays. I have uploaded information need on the ftp.emtexusa.com site. the filenames: 18484.tar and Private_18484.zip E022508 (PRINTER) - Too many OVERLAYS to store in printer on side (SideNo




Customer can use the MAX_PRINTER_OVERLAYS parameter in either your profile or vipopt file:

This command is only to be used if advised by your P/I Output Manager supplier or
analyst. It sets a limit on the maximum number of overlays (VDOs) that can be loaded on the printer at any time. Most printers have a limit of 32511 (X’7EFF’) imposed by the IPDS specification but are likely to run out of memory before the limit is reached.
Jobs that load many external resources can suffer performance problems before
resource memory is exhausted. In such cases this command can be used to control the loading of resources by causing the least recently used overlays to be deactivated before loading newly requested overlays when the specified limit is reached.

The permitted values are:

AUTO The printer default is used.
nnn A number in the range 1 ‐ 32511

Default: AUTO


You can use this parameter put a limit on the number that can live on the printer at any one time. You don’t want the number too low as it will cause a lot of deleting resources from the printer and a lot of resending resources and that can lead to clutching.  You can try different values for this parameter to see what works for you in your environment.

UPDATED: June 24, 2015