DFWorks Postage By Phone Center Network Addresses

For DFWorks Funds Management module only:

Access to the Postage by Phone center is needed to perform meter refills through the DFWorks application. To do so, access through the client’s firewall to cometservp1.pb.com over port 80 inbound/outbound is a requirement. The Postage by Phone center has many different IP address associated with the above URL for purposes of load balancing, maintenance, etc. Therefore the URL (not IP Address) is used to access the Postage by Phone website and must be allowed through the firewall.

For customers that cannot use a URL name in their firewall, they will need to enter all of the following addresses:
URL NameIP AddressIP Address  
The Postage by Phone center uses multiple servers in multiple locations for load balancing, redundancy and maintenance. 

The Postage by Phone center may switch to a new address at any time, so both addresses need to be entered in firewall rules.

UPDATED: May 06, 2020

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