How to create an account on the DM300C, DM400C, DM450C, DM475

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Products affected: DM300C™, DM400C™, DM450C™, and DM475™
An account must be created before using the departmental accounting feature to track postage on the DM300c™, DM400c™, DM450c™, or DM475™.
  1. Press Menu.
  2. Select Accounts.
Note: If the supervisor password is enabled, enter it to gain access to all of the accounting functions.
  1. Select Create New Account.
Note: If no accounts are present on the system, the system prompts to have at least one account to use accounting. Select Create an Account.
  1. Type in a name for the account. It can be up to 15 alphanumeric characters long. To access the keyboard, lift the keyboard cover.
  2. Select Accept.The New Account Created screen displays.
  3. If the supervisor and account passwords are enabled, there will be an option for adding an account password.
    1. Select Add Acct Password and enter the 4-digit password.
    2. Select Accept to return to the New Account Created screen.
  4. Select Number if you would like to change the number assigned to the account. Select a number from the list.
  5. Select Done to return to the Accounts screen.
  6. Press Home to return to the home screen.
If you require additional assistance, contact technical support. Please have your model and serial number ready.

UPDATED: September 05, 2017