How to assign Individual Account Access in DFWorks PAM

Product Feature: PAM

Database: Oracle

Configuration: DFWorks All Versions

In order to assign Individual Account  Access to a User.

Go to the  Customer/SiteBasedAccountAccess TAB  via DFWorks  >>  Admin Enrollment/User Management/User Enrollment; De-select the Site for which the Accounts you want to assign. This will then populate the IndividualAccountAccess TAB.  Then you can select the Accounts that a given user will have access to.
note: If you leave the sites selected than the users will have access to all Account data. De-selecting an Site gives you the ability to select individual accounts.
Screen Shot:  Site Selection screen.
User-added image

 Screen Shot: Account selection Screen
Admin Enrollment/User Management/User Enrollment


Subject: Client Access Issue

Initial Details: Question about trying to create user name that can only see certain company reports

UPDATED: November 20, 2017

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