How to enter text on the DM100i, DM125 and more

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Products affected: DM100®i,  DM200L™, DM125™ and DM225™
Learn how to enter postal codes and special characters for use with International mail.Use the numeric keypad to enter text. Each button, 2 through 9, on the keypad has three or four letters above it. When you need to enter an alpha or numeric character on a screen, press the appropriate numeric button repeatedly to cycle through the four possibilities for that button.
  • For presets, text names and account names, the first letter of the first word defaults to uppercase
  • When you need to enter two consecutive alpha characters that are located on the same numeric button (such as “DE”), wait for the cursor to automatically move to the right to the second character position before entering the second character. There is about a one-second delay following an alpha entry before the cursor moves one position to the right.
  • Special characters are accessed by repeatedly pressing the 1 button until you find the character you need. The list of characters includes:
    • ,  Comma
    • & Ampersand
    • *  Asterisk
    • .  Period
    • :  Colon
    • $ Currency symbol
    • -  Minus sign (dash)
    • ? Question mark
    • /  Forward slash
    • \  Backward slash
    • (  Open parenthesis
    • )  Close parenthesis
    • !  Exclamation point
    • @ At symbol
    • +  Plus sign
    • #  Hash mark/Pound
  • The 0 (zero) button on the keypad functions as your Space button
  • The decimal point button also functions as your Shift button
  • In the alpha character entry mode, the decimal point button toggles between all uppercase letters and all lowercase letters

UPDATED: August 14, 2021