How to find the product code and serial number on the DM100i and DM200L

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Products affected: DM100®i, DM200L™, DM125™, DM225™
The meter serial number is the identification number registered with the USPS for the postage meter license. This identification can be found in several places:
  1. The Indicia
​The serial number may be found on the indicia that the meter prints.
 Indicia Serial
  1. The identification tag on the meter
  • The identification tag is located on the front of the meter. The serial number is referred to as the Meter #.
  • Depending on when the machine was manufactured, the DM100i, DM125, and DM225 may have the ID tag on the back of the meter.
Meter ID # Serial
  1. Reports
The meter serial number can be identified through a printed report, such as a funds report, where the meter number is labeled as PBP Serial No.
Meter Report Serial
  1. PC Meter Connect
If you're using a DM125 or DM225 with the enhanced version of PC Meter Connect, you can also verify the meter serial number through PC Meter Connect. Right-click on the PC Meter Connect system tray icon and select About Your Meter.
PC Meter Connect Sys Tray Serial

UPDATED: October 18, 2016