How to find a Mailrun in DFWorks

Product Feature: General

Operating System: Windows Platform

Database: All Oracle Versions

Configuration: All DFWorks versions
Using DFWorks Quick Search 

Via the DFWorks home page, in the upper right top corner find the Quick Search drop-down list and select MailrunID or SourceID.

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Now enter the desired MailrunID or SourceID and click the search icon. The results will consist of all the Mailruns in the Database that matches your criteria.

Clicking the Details link will give you advanced Mailrun Details information.


Subject: Issue with file PB572523 at RRD Montreal

Initial Details: Hi, We had a case where a mailrun was process on the production floor in 2 instances. The 1st pass was done on the MAC and there was 1563 successfully insertd pièces. The 2nd pass was Manually done on an Insite Workstation. the remaining 17 mp of the job were manually repaired for a total of 1580 finished mailpiece. On the Insite Workstation all mailpieces displayed 100% complete. So the mailrun closed and archive. [cid:4eae2945-efa5-43e6-b920-1658f1e85477] In DFWorks, Production workflow/ production view, the insert step showed only 98.9% completed with 2 failed pièces? But when you click on the mailpiece map, all the mailpieces were completed. Unfortunately, I asked the Customer to not ship the job so it would remain in production workflow but they did so it is gone from the production view... 1 more thing I noticed is that 2 Mailrun ID have the same sourceID assigned. [cid:eedc0853-25e3-4843-8ac7-e8f52e1127a6] They are 2 month appart. This could be related. I also join Mailrun step detail that shows it has 15 failed and 2 unfinished . [cid:3d8f6f9d-f164-4102-b261-94f1be442552] Also at the bottom of the same screen, we do not see any finished pièces and failed pièces for the insert step. No trace either from the INSITE [cid:057226ac-a729-43e4-96e4-67ed37311782] But in DLCT it shows 100% completed with 1580 finished pièces and 0 failed [cid:649c67c2-cc0b-4296-bb6b-8573e0250acf] Alexandre Gagnon Support technique régional de l'Est du Canada / Eastern Canada Regional Technical Support Pitney Bowes Canada 9999 Cavendish suite 100, Montreal, Québec, H4M 2X5 Cell:514-241-7291 email: ________________________________

UPDATED: November 21, 2017

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