What to do when Stratus needs to do a firmware update on the DFWorks server

Product Feature: Hardware

Operating System: N/A

Database: Oracle 11g

Configuration: N/A
If Stratus Technologies needs to update the ftScaleable firmware on the DFWorks server, then the following is suggested.
  1. Request that the Stratus technician be present onsite to perform the upgrade.
  2. Prior to the upgrade, run an Acronis backup of the H:\RMAN drive, or copy the H:\RMAN folder to an external drive.
    • ​​​With a copy of the RMAN folder the entire DFWorks database can be recovered along with the E: and G: drives which are on the server.

Once the backup is taken, the firmware update can be done by Stratus.


Subject: Need to do firmware update on DFWorks server

Initial Details: this is the DFWorks server, the Stratus 31325 Stratus is wanting to apply a firmware update for ftScalable Greg Sanders Team Lead, site 881852 Pitney Bowes | Document Messaging Technologies T +1 919 768 9338 M +1 919 698 6622 louis.sanders@pb.com pitneybowes.com Pitney Bowes 3632 N Roxboro St Durham, NC 27704

UPDATED: March 27, 2017

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