PDF-IN crashed with connection error

PDF Input client crashing with connection error could be cause by many things.
If the crash happens at the start of processing the job, then this conclude that there is something about the PDF that causes the problem.

The best is to see what messages are in the system.log before it crashes.
If there are not much messages that could give a clue, add PDFIN_LOGLEVEL=5 in the profile and run again the job.
This will generate more messages in the system.log.
If messages is not enough or not clear enough to make a description try having PDFIN_LOGLEVEL=10

The case this article is from is about the latest PDF Input Client of PI Output Manager Release 2.4 crashing because the customer is using his old MGR (which is VIP) system fonts (these are in \PSINTERP folder).
Messages in the logs reflects information about paths and fonts before it crashed.

The obvious resolution is for customer to use MGR's system fonts that came with the install.  However there are cases when this is not that simple, for customer might have customized files of \PSINTERP on fonts.  Here are steps to do to merge MGR's new system fonts with existing one.
To merge your old and new PSINTERP, here is my suggestion...
1. Backup your current PSINTERP.
2. just copy the new PSINTERP onto your current one.
3. Compare and amend fonts.sub and fonts.map of the new and old (backup).
Note: fonts.sub and fonts.map are text files.  These are in bin\PSINTERP\resource folder.



Subject: PDF-IN crashed with connection error

Initial Details: X:\Asterion\03347173\03347173.PRF Hi The PDF-IN module crashed when the PDF is submitted. May you please help Thank you Guillaume Gobert

UPDATED: April 03, 2017

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