To include images, overlay in the page instead in header ressources


Customer has a requirement to include resources per page rather have it in header only.
To create small AFPDS files, resources are placed in the header and called from the pages.
For some reason, the customer requirement is the opposite with their PDF job converted to AFPDS.

For all types of input job, OUTPUT_RASTERISE will raster the resources and include it the page it is called.
More information about OUTPUT_RASTERISE are in the PI Output Manager 2.4 User Guide.  Browse for OUTPUT_RASTER.

If job is PDF type, OUTPUT_RASTERISE command is not needed.
PDFIN_USE_OVERLAYS=NO and PDFIN_HITS_FOR_VDI=OFF in the profile, will not create Virtual Overlays (VDO), and PDFIN_HITS_FOR_VDI=OFF will not create External Virtual Images (VDI), that are objects placed in the header resource; therefore, resources are added inline as included per page.



Subject: To include images, overlay in the page instead in header ressources

Initial Details: Hi I would like to know if a setting in PIO exists to force the insertion of overlays inside the page instead of the AFP Header resources (as usual behaviour)? My case is I would like to convert a PDF to an AFP and I would like to have no resources inside the header resources. Thank you for your help. Cdt. / Best Regards Guillaume Gobert Chef de Projet Direction des systèmes d'information [cid:C83643F7-9003-4F8C-BFC0-5C2716AE5A99] Asterion France ZAC des Folliouses Rue des monts d’Or – 01700 Miribel Les Echets T. 04 37 26 28 31 - M. 06 20 81 36 79 ________________________________

UPDATED: May 20, 2015