How to change the CTL and Redo drive letter in DFWorks

Products affected: DFWorks

During the DFWorks Install process (creating a solution from scratch) …. The Installer will be prompted to select the Control Redo Drive Destinations.

User-added image
1.       Go into Disk Management and change the current G drive to another letter that the customer finds acceptable.
2.       Go into install shield and point the CTR and REDO to the new drive letter.
3.       Confirm the RMAN process kicks off successfully and that the new drive is being accessed correctly.


Subject: Changing the CTL and redo drive letter DFWorks solution

Initial Details: Northwestern is moving to virtual DC and DFWorks servers. Their policy is to use the G drive on all servers for CD/DVD purposes and have strongly asked us to change our use of the G drive letter for the CTL Redo on DFWorks

UPDATED: April 21, 2017

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