How to understand why you should save the edit properties before doing a DFWorks software upgrade

Product Feature: Install

Operating System: Windows Server 2008

Database: Oracle 11g

Configuration: All
After doing a DFWorks software upgrade from 2.11.32 to 3.0.64 the edit properties window showed some unexpected results. Edit Properties was not prompting for new settings, but was prompting for some old settings like plug-in logic class. And some of these settings were not defaulting to the original settings and they needed to be set back to the original settings. 

In case this happens again, it is highly recommended that prior to the DFWorks upgrade that view properties be run and saved as a reference in case you need to check the settings. It is also highly recommended that all questions in Edit Properties be read before clicking finish. Failure to do so could change the system import process and cause major problems.


Subject: DFWorks needs Java 8

Initial Details: Steven needs support for Java 8 for DFWorks.

UPDATED: November 16, 2017

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