How to check the space of DB Tables and expand them if necessary in DFWorks

DFWorks Oracle Table Space Check Procedure
1) Open sql developer off the one box DFWorks destop or the DB server (if present).

2) Go to View/Reports.

3) Expand Data Dictionary.

4) Go to Storage/Free Space.

You will be presented with each table and its respective % of space available.
Any table over 80% used needs to be extended
In this case USRS table was at 81+%

To extend table space;
1- Open a DOS prompt set oracle_sid = smartdb.

2-  Type in sqlplus /nolog.

3-  Connect sys/superfly@smartdb as sysdba.
(Cut the following path from the above Storage/Datafiles info. (attached))  

4- Alter database datafile ‘F:\DATABASE\DFWORKSDB\DATA\USRS_01RA.ORA’ resize 24000M.

Note: The resize value is figured off of the Size MB column of the Datafiles screen (attached)
Prompt comes back database altered.


Subject: Quarterly Extension of DB Tables

Initial Details: ERS: 87390 Release: 3.0

UPDATED: November 20, 2017

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