How to manually update a mailrun in DFWorks

Product Feature: General

Operating System: Windows Platform

Database:All Oracle Versions

Read First: 
It's recommended that an SDC mailrun close event (DFWorks >>Production Workflow/Scanning Data Collector) and or the FORCE CLOSED Command via Production Workflow View  be used to closed a Mailrun from the PWF View.  There are instances in which the SDC and FORCE CLOSED command  are not practical. In such a case manually removing a Mailruns via the Oracle Database by updating the Mailrun State may be in order.

Tools Needed:
Oracle Database tool: examples:   Toad for Oracle, SQL Tools, Oracle SQL Developer and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 
Updating the Mailrun State via the Oracle Database
Log in to Oracle database from any Oracle client (those queries cannot be executed via DFWorks SQL Query Editor, direct DB connection is required). Can be SQLDeveloper or SQLPlus (which is available on DFWorks server). Use standard DFWorks credentials:
user: dfworks
password: ********
Now Execute following query
Find the desired Mailrun 
(This find the Mailrun in question)
SELECT * FROM mailrun WHERE  mailrunid = 'MAILRUNIDHERE'  
Manual Change the State Mailrun 
(This updates the Mailrun to a Closed State)
UPDATE mailrun SET stateidfk=5 WHERE  mailrunid = 'MAILRUNIDHERE'  
Now Commit the Update.
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Subject: Some completed files in DF works not closing

Initial Details: ERS: 65128 ProfileLoc: X:\EMTEX\rrd\ER65128\ER65128.PRF Release: 2.11

UPDATED: November 22, 2017

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