How to gain access to the DFWorks Class Enrollment tab

Product Feature: All DFWorks Versions

To gain access to the DFWorks Class Enrollment tab, perform the following using a DFWorks Admin Account:
Via DFWorks > Admin Enrollment/User Management/User Enrollment
Double click the User that needs access to Carrier-Class Enrollment.
Select the Function Tab and then select the  Postage Accounting sub-tab.

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Check off Enrollment if not checked and then check off Carrier-Class.

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Then, hit the SAVE button. Access to Carrier-Class Enrollment will appear via Postage Accounting > Enrollment
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Subject: Class Enrollment tab

Initial Details: We are wondering what is needed to gain access to the Class Enrollment tab on the Postage Accounting/Enrollment/Carrier-Class web page?

UPDATED: April 14, 2017

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