User Cannot Logon to VIP or PI Output Manager


Customer reported a problem regarding logon to PI Output Manager.  Their experience is about automatically logging in but not been able to do or execute anything due to insufficient privileges.  Their case falls on Sev 1, priority for system is not working.
Here are some suggestion to resolve the issue.
a. Ask if the system is working before.
b. Ask how did they shutdown the system last time.
c. Collect system.log and other files in \system.
d. Immediate safe resolution to try is to:a. Shutdown the system.
  1. Copy all  .UDF files to backup.
  2. Delete \config\VIPUI.UDF. 
  3. Start the system.
  4. If still the problem, start from a. again Delete \config\<user.udf>.  So if user who is logging in the system is administrator, delete \config\administrator.udf.
  5. Start the system.
Normally, such problem is cause by abruptly shutting down the system, like shutting or closing the Exec Console.  When system is shutting down properly, it tries to save the setup it is leaving, thus updating the .UDF file of the current user and VIPUI.UDF.  If Exec or Gui Console is force to close, these files are not updated or get corrupted.


Subject: Urgent! We Cannot logon to PI 2.4 server.

Initial Details: Hi Our production is currently standing still! When we start vio ui to logon to our PI server we gets automatically logged in to the vipui and we don’t have sufficient privileges to do any work Regards, [mailfot_JR] ________________________________

UPDATED: April 21, 2017

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