MGR Install, the startup does not have a logon

Customer installed the latest PI Output Manager Release 2.4.
After getting messages of successful install, user start up the system and would like to logon.
For some reason there is no logon window.

After his investigation, he notices there not even an administrator.cfg (the user profile) in the system's config folder.
He resolved this problem by copying over the administrator.cfg from his production system.  This enable him to login and perform the setup he requires.

  • This can happen in any PI Output Management Release.
  • If there are other problems occur under administrator login, try to save the same profile before performing any task in PI Output Manager. ┬áSaving it, will update the user config file to format of the system currently in use.


Subject: MGR Install, the startup does not have a logon

Initial Details: Hi, I have completed a standalone install and the software is not providing a logon option when launched. As a result of this I cannot access anything, starting any tasks for example. I have read the install guide, but the only change I could see was something regarding the HASP USB dongle and wanted to ask if this was causing my issue? Regards Robert Gomersall Technical Support Analyst Global Document Outsourcing Xerox Corporation Unit B,C,D Riverside Way Uxbridge UB8 2YF United Kingdom Phone 01895 845758 Fax 01895 843623 GLOBAL DOCUMENT OUTSOURCING Technology. Document Management. Consulting Services As internet communications are not secure, Global Document Outsourcing cannot accept legal responsibility for the content of this message. Any views or opinions in this email are personal to the author and have been sent in confidence. They do not necessarily represent those of the company. ________________________________

UPDATED: June 23, 2015