IPDS Printer does not have enough memory to process page

If a Postscript job is big because of of its fonts, font memory of a chosen output device may not be enough to load the font resources.  There are ways to resolve this issue.

PostScript or PDF fonts are normally Type 1 fonts and will automatically sent to device as outline fonts. If this method bloats the memory of the device; send only the fonts that are used by the job as bitmap format instead.  This is by having PSIN_CREATE_OUTLINE_VDFS=NO.

Sometimes IPDS Printers would not print text of 36 point high fonts. With the current PI Output Manager releases, these text will be sent, with its font; for example Arial font family in 36 point high, even only COPY is what is required to print. COPY could be converted to an image by having PSIN_FONT_SIZE_MAX=35.  This will convert all fonts of 35 points high and above, to images.

Another that can require lots of memory to handle are the oblique texts.  With PSIN_OBLIQUE_TEXT_AS_IMAGES=YES, these oblique texts can be in image instead.

Just remember when text are rastered, the word with these texts are lost.  Also rastered text to image might lose it color.


UPDATED: March 27, 2017

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