How To Do PIOM log file retention

The options in the VipExec.cfg can be adjusted to keep additional amounts of data as required.


The number of days for which the log file is used before a new one is created.
The parameter is any positive integer, the default being 2.


The number of log files to keep. The default is 5. The current log file is named SYSTEM.LOG.
As each new log file is created, 1 is added to the serial numbers of all the earlier logs, for example, SYSTEM_002.LOG becomes SYSTEM_003.LOG, the existing SYSTEM.LOG is renamed to SYSTEM_001.LOG and the new log is named SYSTEM.LOG.
Once the limit has been reached, the oldest log is discarded each time a new one is created.


The maximum size of the SYSTEM.LOG file. If this file grows larger than this size before the LOG_RETAIN_DAYS option overrides it, P/I Output Manager starts a new log.
The value is entered in kb and the default is 25000.


Subject: PIOM log file retention

Initial Details: Where would I find the setting to control retention of log files (System and Job)? Operations is attempting to review recent processing statistics and the jobs no longer appear in the PIOM display. I don’t see the relevant /MGR2.2/system/JOBxxxx subdirectories. –Fred (212) 612-5946 ________________________________ ======================================================== Notice: This message is intended only for use by the person or entity to which it is addressed. Because it may contain confidential information intended solely for the addressee, you are notified that any disclosing, copying, downloading, distributing, or retaining of this message and any attached files beyond their intended use is prohibited and may be a violation of state or federal law. If you received this message in error, please notify the sender by reply mail, and delete the message and all attached files. If you are the addressee, you are required to delete the message and all attached files at the end of their intended use. ________________________________

UPDATED: April 19, 2017

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