Improving quality of images or bitmap objects in PDF output

Product Affected: PI Output Manager
How to improve quality of images or bitmap objects in PDF output?

By using PI Output Manager latest release (which is 2.4 at the time this article is created) with these commands in the profile, output could be better.

  • PDF_JPEG_QUALITY can have a lower number and will produce smaller PDF.
  • If your images are not pictures, you can get away on having lower value for PDF_JPEG_QUALITY. 
  • Please run some tests as how far you can degrade the quality of the logos as you go lower on PDF_JPEG_QUALITY value.


Subject: *.NK1 jobs have bad quality logo in PDF output

Initial Details: ERS: 78984 ProfileLoc: X:\PDI\ER78984\ER78984_marketing_no_broker.prf Release: 1.1

UPDATED: September 12, 2019

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