Extra text appears when PDF is viewed or print in MGR

There are extra text appears on prints or displayed by PI Mgr viewer but not seen when PDF is opened by Acrobat.

This is common issue but not a bug in MGR.

PI Output Manager is designed to display what is on the page.
User-added image

To enable MGR to work like Acrobat, PDFIN_CLIP_CHECK=FONTBBOX, a PDF input command will resolve the issue if added to the profile.

Note: See PostScript Command Guide for PSIN_CLIP_CHECK as similar command resolving the same issues on PostScript job.


Subject: extra text appears when PDF is viewed or print in MGR

Initial Details: x:\XEROX\France\0358750 Hi, We are preparing a Proof OF Concept for PI/OM server connected to Impika printer. We have an issue on PDF file. Could you tell me if you can find the parameter to use to solve the problem ? It’s very urgent. Kind regards Philippe MAZE Ingénieur Support National Team Pre-sales Xerox Xerox SAS Immeuble Exelmans 33 rue des Vanesses 93420 Villepinte Tel: 33 (0) 1 55 84 42 20 eMail : philippe.maze@xerox.com ________________________________

UPDATED: August 19, 2015