How to avoid the response to an SDC event is "machine already in use" in DFWorks

Products Affected: DF Works

If the response to an SDC event is "machine already in use" that means that DFWorks thinks the "machine" is running a job already and it won't let SDC commands for a different job or process step be entered until the first one is completed. There are some ways to avoid getting into this state in the first place:

  1. Don't use the same workstation names for SDC scans and for work with the DFWorks piece map.
  2. Don't use real inserter names for the "machine" in SDC scans. Use dedicated SDC workstation names.
  3. Don't use the same workstation names for multiple process steps, such as InsertPrep and Insert. Using one process step name per workstation is best.
  4. When issuing PrintQC or InsertPrep scans, always supply starting and ending piece #s. This keeps the "machine" from getting into a "Run" state in the first place because the PrintQC or InsertPrep operation is carried out all at once.

If you do get the "machine already in use" error, the procedure below will stop the job on that machine most of the time. I was able to use it today to recover all 3 machines IAEXC23, IAEXC2, and IAEXC28:

  1. Look on the Home Page to see which job DFWorks thinks the "machine" is running.
  2. Get the Unique ID of that job.
  3. Go to the SDC page and use events like QCStop, PrepStop, InsertStop, SortArrivalStop, or SortStop to stop the machine. Enter the machine name and the Unique ID of the mailrun that DFWorks thinks is running that was obtained from the Home Page. (For SortArrivalStop and SortStop you may need to supply a stack ID for the job).

 The QCStop and PrepStop commands are new, I just enrolled them today via Admin Enrollment/Mailrun Management/Scan Event Enrollment. You may want to create the same commands on the Ohio system in case they are needed there.

There's no easy way to tell which command (QCStop, PrepStop InsertStop, SortArrivalStop, or SortStop) is needed to stop the machine. It depends on what process step DFWorks thinks the machine is executing. This information is not displayed on the Home Page. However, if each machine is used for only one process step then use the appropriate command for that process step. (Use QCStop for a PrintQC machine, PrepStop for an InsertPrep machine, etc.). If you aren't sure which process step it is, it's OK to try all of the commands to see if any one will work, the worst thing that will happen is you will get another "machine already in use" error.



Subject: cannot scan under functional id

Initial Details: I opened the above ticket because the exceptions machines have jobs stuck on them. These machines are stuck and we cannot complete any scanning events on them. IAEXC23, IAEXC2, IAEXC28,IAEXC1 can you please take a look and see if you can get jobs that are supposedly assigned to them removed so we can use them again. Thanks

UPDATED: April 19, 2017

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