Test- Different Boundaries With a RegEx TEST

Product Feature: General


A Regular Expression TEST might be used for testing different boundaries

[TEST_BOUNDARY] TEST TEXT1  MATCHES  "Page 1 of |Página 1|[0-9]{5}”

The TEST would be true on either one of the three conditions, to find a job boundary.


1. Page 1 of      // The region area window (TEXT1) matches the text "Page 1 of "
2. Página 1       // The region area window (TEXT1) matches the text  "Página 1"
3. |[0-9]{5}         //Any combination of numbers that are repeated 5 times

Each condition should be separated by a pipe sign (|)



Subject: EOB Boundary Issue

Initial Details: In testing the EOB, EDM discovered that the boundary defined in VDE works 90% of the time, but there are times when the document break doesn't work and the sequencing for the document fails. This happens when there is a blank page before the expected doc break. Attaching scripts and samples

UPDATED: August 01, 2015

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