How to display "profile names" more than 16 characters in an accounting report in PI Output Manager

A feature in Output Manager is able to create an accounting report. There are two types of accounting report format: "Full Accounting Report Format" and "User Format". Full Accounting report is predefined in Output Manager. The User format is a customized report created by a user, this is like running a script. In the script are field names for values like Job ID, Job Name, Profile Name, etc., V07 is the field name for Profile Name. User reports displays the profile names in 16 characters only.  The Full Accounting Report displays it in 25 characters as documented.

See more about V07 in the Accounting section of the "Output Manger User Guide".

There are two ways to create a "Full Format" accounting report.
1. Use Output Manager "Accounting" under "Tools". Then "Full" as "Report Type" must be selected.
2. Submit a profile that always creates an accounting report.  In this profile, a command ACCOUNT_REPORT_FORMAT=FULL must be in it.
Note: In both ways, a profile is required.  A sample profile for creating accounting file should had been created in ..\MGRUSER\account during the install.  
This type of format will display the profile name (V05) in 25 characters.

"User" report type format can be generated in two ways like, like the full accounting report with a little variation.  There are two commands vital to generate a user format:
- ACCOUNT_REPORT_PARAMETER must have the drive, path and file name of the script that defines the user format.  An example should have been created in ...\MGRUSER\account\msc.  ​When using the GUI, this should be supplied as the value for "Form File" of "Report Filters".
This type of format will display the profile name (V07) in 16 characters, as defined in the User Guide.

UPDATED: April 28, 2017

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