Resolve error when shipping a package to South Korea in SendSuite Live

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Products affected: SendSuiteĀ® Live


When attempting to ship a package internationally to South Korea, you receive an error about the ZIP/Postal code being incorrect or the service not being supported. For example:

From UPS:
Error in UPS World Wide Service Verification Validation - Service/Special service is not supported for the specified origin/destination

From FedEx:
Destination Postal Code Missing or Invalid.


The cause of this issue is the South Korea post office switching from 6-digit to 5-digit ZIP codes in November 2015. According to the FedEx website, on April 4th, 2016, they stopped supporting packages shipped using the legacy 6-digit codes. The UPS website is less specific, but it seems they have made a similar change.


You must use an accurate ZIP code.

Visit the site for ePost (South Korea's post office) to locate the appropriate zip code, or contact your customer and have them provide updated address information.

If you are using the correct 5-digit zip code and are still experiencing issues, contact Pitney Bowes Software Support for assistance.

UPDATED: June 03, 2021