Printing multiple shipping labels at once (batch printing) in SendPro Online or PitneyShip

You can print the same label for multiple recipients at once using "batch printing".
Products affected: SendPro® Online, PitneyShip™

You can print the same label for multiple recipients at once using "batch printing".

  • Batch printing is not supported with international shipments, USPS Priority Mail Express, Same Day Delivery, or Delivery Assurance.
  • Up to 50 packages (shipping labels) may be added to a single batch.
  • The labels have individual tracking numbers and individual entries in History.
  • The service, package type, weight, and dimensions must be the same for each label in the batch. Only the recipient may be different.

Select your software version

There are currently two versions of our shipping software. Click on the image that matches your Home screen to view the instructions for your version.

SendPro Online classic version Home screenPitneyShip Home screen


SendPro Online (classic) SendPro Online classic Home screen thumbnail

  1. Start by creating the first shipping label in the batch.
  2. After you select the desired services for the label, select the Add to batch button next to the Print button.
  3. Batch Shipping opens in new browser tab or window with the first recipient listed.
  4. To add additional recipients for the same label, select the +Add Recipients button at the top.
  5. Select the checkboxes next to the other recipients for which you wish to create this same label. To remove a recipient from the batch, select the box next to them and select the trash can button at the top.
  6. Select OK.
  7. If prompted to verify the addresses, do so.
  8. Select Pay and Run Batch.
    Important: Once you select Pay and Run Batch, the funds for all of the labels are deducted from your postage balance for USPS labels. For USPS, if sufficient funds are not available to cover the cost of the entire batch, the button says Refill instead of Pay and Run Batch. In order to proceed, select Refill and add postage to your account.
  9. Wait while the batch is created. A green check mark means that the label has been generated. A spinner icon means that label is still being processed. A red exclamation mark means that there was an error with that label, which will be explained in the message just below it.
  10. Once all of the labels have been generated, select Print. A PDF containing all of the labels opens.
  11. When you are ready to print all of the labels to your printer, use your browser's print function.


PitneyShip (new) PitneyShip Home screen thumbnail

  1. On the Create Shipping Labels tab, select your packaging type. To use carrier-specific packaging, select the carrier logo.
    Choose Packaging Type on Create Shipping Labels tab
  2. Select Multiple.
    Select Multiple
  3. Either select or create the recipient list:
    • Select an existing recipient list from the Select a recipient list menu.
      • If needed, select Edit List to add or remove recipients from this shipment without editing the saved list.
    • Create a new recipient list:
      1. Select Create new Recipient List.
      2. Enter a name for the list and select Save and Add Recipients.
      3. Select the boxes next to the recipients you wish to add to the list.
      4. Select Select <#> Addresses.
    • Select recipients from the address book:
      1. Select the address book icon.
      2. Select the boxes next to the recipients you wish to add to the list.
      3. Select Save List or Use One Time.
    • Import recipients:
      1. Select Import Recipients.
      2. Select Choose File and select your CSV file.
      3. Select Import and Save or Import and Use One Time.
  4. If the address verification window appears, select Use Suggested to use the USPS's address, Use Mine to use your original address, or Edit to edit your address. Select Apply this setting to all addresses in the batch to apply your choice to all of the addresses in this batch.
    Verify recipient addresses in batch
  5. If you use cost accounts, select the desired account from the Cost Account menu.
    Cost Account menu
  6. Select Next.
  7. If required, select the specific packaging type or enter the package information.
  8. Select Next.
  9. Select the service you wish to use. Use the menus at the top to change the carrier*, carrier account, ship date, sort by, or ship from ZIP Code as needed.
    Choose a Service screen
  10. Choose any extra services you wish to add. Select More Services to view all of the available services.
    More Services button
  11. To change the label printing options, including label size, memo, and printing a receipt, select Print Options.
  12. Select Preview Rates and Print.
    Preview Rates and Print
  13. Select Pay and Process Batch.
    Pay and Process Batch button
  14. Wait while the labels are being processed.
    Processing multiple labels
  15. Select Print Shipping Labels.
    Print multiple labels


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UPDATED: April 25, 2022

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