How to improve performance of VDD2AFP in PI Output Manager


Customer has a PDF job with lots of images, graphics, big texts and in transparencies.
When these is converted to AFPDS, VDD2AFP runs slow and hang; like 12 hours it has only converted 900 sides (out of  using PI Output Manager 2.4.1.

To improve perfomance MAX_TOTAL_PRINTER_RESOURCE_MEMORY=100000000 must be added to the config for the AFP Output client.  This command changes the default value, to define a bigger cache for AFP Output Client to use in converting jobs that has a lot of graphics, images and bigger texts. 100000000 is the recommended value when using powerful PC (with bigger RAM) to run VDD2AFP.

VDD2AFP could increase its performance to 1800 sides per minute from 72 sides per minute.  

Note: Performance can still be limited to other factors.  If after applying MAX_TOTAL_PRINTER_RESOURCE_MEMORY=100000000 in AFP output config and performance issue still persist, PI Output Manager Support recommend you to avail the latest maintenance release to test. 



Subject: VDD2AFP is very slow, then hangs

Initial Details: Job is in X:\NT_MediaPrint\04354363 *************************************** Try to send this again without attachments. I upload attachment on your filetransfer. Regards Jörgen Från: Jörgen Stenhag Skickat: den 29 februari 2016 16:55 Till: '' Kopia: Angelica Platten; Lars Ericsson; Anette Nyberg Ämne: URGENT: Pdf input create incorrect result Prioritet: Hög Hello, We have an urgent issue with a job where our customer send us pdf-files. PDF-IN creates incorrect result, please see Screenshot from PI viewer, white lines around text and white lines on images. When creating VDD of a PDF file and PDF-In and AFP-out runs really slow. 200 pages takes around 1 hour from input to output and we will process around 60 000 pages. I have tried to change PDF-IN parameters but doesn’t manages to get this to work. If I set hits for VDI to 2 as prefer to do when its images is repeating the job never finished. Med vänlig hälsning, Regards Jörgen Stenhag PROGRAMUTVECKLARE | SOFTWARE DEVELOPER NT Mediaprint AB Box 19, 571 21 Nässjö Tel.dir: +46 (0)380-795 38 [MP] [cid:image002.png@01D1730D.BA55A880] - Vi har högsta kreditvärdighet

UPDATED: August 02, 2017

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