Resolve DFWorks Funds View Locked OMS1.QFL file

Product Feature: DFWorks Funds View

Root Cause: OMS1.QFL locked by a remote computer.
The OMS1.QFL file on the Irving File Server was not being updated. The time stamped was not update and the file size was 0KB.
Action: Stopped the DFWorks Task Scheduler along with  FileNet and the DFWorks Funds Manager. This should have allowed the OMS1.QFL to be deleted. Thus restarting the DFWorks Task Scheduler should have resulted in a NEW OMS1.QFL if the file was deleted

However I was unable to delete the OMS1.QFL.

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Next Step: (Unlock file so it can be deleted)
From the DC File Server @ Irving
Open Administrative Tools -> Share and Storage Management.
 From the Actions pane, click Manage Open Files.  Close ALL connections to the OMS1.QFL

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Closing all connections to the OMS1.QFL allowed the OMS1.QFL to be deleted and recreated. After performing this the DFWorks Funds View updated as a NEW OMS1.QFL was created.
Issue Recap: DFWorks Funds Issue @ ALLSTATE, TX
DFWorks Funds View not updating.

UPDATED: April 21, 2017

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