Resolve partial sealing or not sealing on the DM500 and DM550

Products affected: DM500™, DM525™, DM550™, DM575™


The envelope flaps are not moistened or are only partially moistened.


This can be caused by a number of issues:
  • Being out of E-Z Seal® solution
  • A buildup of dust or glue on the brush or wick
  • A mechanical problem


Follow these steps to resolve sealing issues:

Refill the sealant bottle:
  1. Open the top feeder cover.
  2. Lift out the E-Z Seal bottle. The bottle is located to the left of the tape roll.
  3. Remove the cap.
  4. Add enough E-Z Seal to bring the level up to the bottom of the fill cap.
  5. Reattach the cap.
  6. Place the bottle back in the mailing machine.
  7. Close the top feeder cover.
  8. Wait 60 seconds for the wick to moisten.
Remove the moistener brush assembly:
  1. Open the feeder cover.
  2. Push down on the blue moistener brush button located on the feed deck.
User-added image
  1. Pull the moistener brush assembly straight out towards you.
  2. Set the brush assembly aside for now and remove the wick.
Remove the wick:
  1. Open the feeder cover.
  2. Lift out the E-Z Seal bottle. The bottle is located to the left of the tape roll.
  3. Place your finger in the moistener tank round guide and gently pull straight out towards you.
User-added image
Note: The tank is connected by a hose. Take care to not disconnect the hose from the tank. If the tank is disconnected, a service technician will be needed to reattach it.
  1. Remove the metal grate from the tank. It can be simply pulled out. 
  2. Pull the wick out.
Note: You can use the grate to gently pry the wick out of the tank.

Clean the brush and wick:
  1. Take the brush and wick to a sink and run them under warm water.
  2. Using your fingers, gently rub to remove and dust or glue buildup.
Note: Do not use any soap or cleaning agents. Be careful to not deform the wick.

Reinstall the brush and wick:
  1. Place the metal grate back on the wick, making sure that there is no gap between the metal grate and the surface of the wick.
Note: If there is a gap between the grate and wick, envelopes will not be moistened.
  1. Place the grate and wick assembly into the moistener tank and press on the grate to ensure that it is completely inserted.
  2. Reinsert the moistener tank and gently slide it back into the machine.
  3. Reinstall the E-Z Seal bottle.
Note: E-Z Seal should flow into the moistener tank now. This may take a few minutes. If it does not flow, gently slide the tank out and back in again.
  1. Replace the clean moistener brush assembly by pushing the assembly back on its track until it snaps into position. Make sure that the assembly is level with the feed deck to prevent envelopes from jamming.
  2. Close the top cover.
If the issue is still not resolved, contact client support. Please have your model number ready.

UPDATED: May 21, 2018