Updating DFWorks Account list in Production

Product Feature: General

Operating System: Windows Platform

Database: Oracle

Configuration: All DFWorks Versions
In the DFWorks environment there are cases in which the Account List at Direct Connect could be corrupted, missing or compromised due various issues (non-DFWorks related issues included) and it's important to confirm that the DFWorks Account enrollment and Account Export process is working correctly. The below steps highlight the Account Export process.

Step:1 Confirm Accounts, Classes Export Directory

Go to: 
DFWorks >>Admin Enrollment/Enterprise Enrollment, Click on Site Tab
Confirm Accounts, Classes Export Directory. Note this information for Step 3. This will be the directory location that houses the cbaccttb.dbf (Account List visible to DFWorks Workstations) table. 
Account Enrollment

Step: 2 Add an Account or Update an Account
Make an Account Enrollment Edit (Add an Account or Update an Account)
Go to DFWorks >> Postage Accounting/Enrollment/Account Enrollment
User-added image
After Adding or updating a existing Account. Go to Step: 3 .

Step: 3  The Account List (cbaccttb.dbf)
Now go to the Accounts, Classes Export Directory that was noted in Step 1: i.e \\\COSTFUND\oms\datatabl ... via Windows Explorer.
User-added image

Once you in the  Accounts, Classes Export Directory note that the File & Data stamp of the cbaccttb.dbf which should have updated. Also noted the file sized of the files as anything below 1kb may be a sign of corruption and should be deleted and followed by Step 2 & 3.

If the cbaccttb.dbf is not updating please open a support CASE.



Subject: Account not exporting from DFWorks

Initial Details: Missing Account Data table at the Production Workstations (DC Workstations)

UPDATED: March 27, 2017

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