Changing Plex of the PostScript job



Converting a job to simplex or duplex by PI Output Manager is not as simple as many thinks.
PI Output Manager has many or has a set of dynamic options available. But it involves a lot of understanding on what values to use for PSIN_PLEX_OVERRIDE.
Please see PI Output Manager PostScript Command Guide for values for PSIN_PLEX_OVERRIDE command and detail information for each value
The main reason that plex of the job needs changing is because this is what required at the output device.
  • Customer do not want to pay extra for printing blank back pages.
  • Printer could not print mixplex job correctly.
If requirement is to remove blank back pages, then commands like NOPADPLEX, OMITBLANKBACKS and NOPADSAME are commands that may remove blank side.
PADPLEX, PADSAME and PADCHANGE may be use to add blank back sides, and this is more likely to be the reason to create full duplex job.
As to when these values will be effective and correct base on the expectation, will depend on what PostScipt command are used.
How to know if these are working?
  1. First it is a must to know how many sides are there in the PostScript job.  So without any related plex command, submit the job to process.  The number of input sides will be displayed by Job Queue Manager.  There would also be information on the View.  The Page Details of the Viewer will tell if current page is front, back, plex, side number and page number.
  2. Apply PSIN_PLEX_OVERRIDE with DUPLEX/SIMPLEX, TUMBLE/NOTUMBLE, PADSAME/NOPADSAME to tests.  Again observe the information on this job when displayed by the Job Queu Manager and Viewer.
  3. After getting the expected results, send the job to the expected device to do a final check.


Subject: XBS log# 38443444, Atradius, wrong face-up

Initial Details: Hello , since Office did filter some of it, I resend it once more, this time the missing attachment with TXT extension. The profile list as follows: TYPE = PS DATATYPE = DISK DATASOURCE = C:\data\38443444\non_mixplex\ //DATASOURCE = C:\data\38443444\non_mixplex\ INPUT = PS2VDD SET = USERPATH:\SET\A4.SET OUTPUT = any Postscript VIPFILE = PS LPR_OPTIONS=NO_BANNER PSIN_MODE = VECTOR PSIN_TRUETYPE = YES HOLDVDD = YES OUTPUTPAPERSIZE = A4 DEFAULT_COLOUR = BLACK OUTPUTFILENAME=%HOSTJOBNAME PPD=EPS PSIN_PLEX_OVERRIDE=DUPLEX,NOPADPLEX //PSIN_PLEX_OVERRIDE=DUPLEX //PS_FORCE_FULL_DUPLEX = TRUE results are good for simplex jobs but this is not suitable for customer duplex job PSIN_STOCK1=MEDIA1,S:A4,C:WHITE,T:PLAIN PS_FEED_MEDIA1= 595 842 75 White Plain Best regards, Volker Von: Buettgen, Volker Gesendet: Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2016 16:02 An: PBS Software Support ( Cc:; XE CTSC PIOM Betreff: ESAP log# 38443444, customer: Atradius, subject: wrong face-up face down orientaion with Phaser output Dear PB support, the customer Atradius has migrated his output from PCL to PS. This is used to feed his VIP Emtex server. The customer is running VIP Emtex v 8.7 - I did test with v8.8 – meeting the minimum requirement I have added a Version.log but from my lab system. The intended printout is supposed to be printed on one sided pre-printed paper. The printout is supposed to be printed on a Phaser 4600 Fleet. These printers unfortunately do start a simplex page different than a duplex page in terms of face-up face-down orientation. This is a wicked system limitation of the Phaser and was declined by Xerox as such. This is rendering any mix-plex job unprintable using preprinted paper. The customer did not fully understand the root cause of the limitation (believed it to be the mix-plex) and therefore he did recompile all his postscript output to be either simplex or duplex ( like the two attached PS jobs). Now he is running in pretty much the same problem as he is intending to submit simplex as well as duplex jobs to the same printer of course without the need to previously turn the paper. I was trying to compensate this by changing the PLEX of the incoming simplex jobs to duplex and adding a blank page to each simplex page. This should result in only duplex jobs being send to the Phaser Fleet. This is working fine for the simplex input but unfortunately I cannot use the same profile also for incoming duplex jobs since I cannot avoid the same changes (addition of a blank page) to be applied to their duplex jobs. I tried various combinations of PSIN_PLEX_OVERRIDE as well as PS_FORCE_FULL_DUPLEX = TRUE without luck. Do you see any working combination of parameters , or do you have an alternative (any unknown super parameter) which could handle this task? Attached is my profile and the two customer jobs (simplex and duplex) and the version.log. Many thanks in advance for your help and best regards, Volker Volker Büttgen Service Systemspezialist Escalated Customer & Technical Support Center c/o Xerox GmbH Hammer Landstr. 91 41460 Neuss P+49 2131 2248 5582 Geschäftsführung: Jacqueline Fechner (Vorsitzende), Alexandra Pfell, Ingo Retzmann Handelsregister AG Neuss HRB 8314 Folgen Sie uns auf facebook und auf Twitter ________________________________

UPDATED: April 06, 2017

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