Addressing Logo print quality issue from Black and White 360dpi IPDS Ricoh in PI Output Manager

Product Affected: PI Output Manager
PI Output Manager is designed to send the job as it to a device like printer, and let the printer do its rendering and ripping for printing.
But their are times when rendering algorithm of the printer is not as good as expected. 
In this case PI Output Manager's features can be use to improve output, like from black and white printers by setting commands to give PI Output manager the control to send data to the device.

A customer has an issue on the logo print quality from Black and White 360 resolution IPDS Ricoh printer.
The data or job is in AFP format.
The logo is about GOCA and IOCA object place on top of each other.
All objects are sent to the Ricoh printer as it is because GOCA=AUTO is a default command on the IPDS config.
It seems the printer is applying its default rendering method on the GOCA.

PI Output Manager has features to apply different rendering methods.
In its User or instruction Guide or Documentation, rendering is referred to haltone or haftoning methods.
There are two classification of these methods: Methods in Pattern, and the other without pattern or what is know as "error diffusion".
It is known that error diffusion methods to apply more dots than the pattern ones.

To use a halftoning method on the GOCA and IOCA objects (on the logo, which will affect all IOCA and GOCA object of jobs because these commands are config commands), GOCA and IOCA value must be OFF (not AUTO).  This way PI Output Manager will control the format of the object and thus rendering can be altered to an error diffusion with HALFTONING = FLOYD-STEINBERG, as additional command in the profile.

Note: If value of HALFTONING command is not specified, the default would be 45degree71 (a pattern type of rendering). For more information of available halftoning meethods that PI Output Manager could offer, please refer to the User Guide and search for "halftoning".


UPDATED: September 12, 2019

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