Requesting a USPS shipping label refund in SendPro Online

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Products affected: SendPro® Online

You can request a USPS refund up to 30 days from the date on which you created the label.

  • When you request a refund for USPS shipping labels, the postage amount is credited to your postage balance.
  • The refund process can take up to 30 days because USPS waits see if the label is used before crediting your account.
  • You can track label refunds by going to History > Shipping & Postage History > USPS Label Refunds.

To request a USPS refund:

  1. Select History > Request a Refund. Only the shipments that are eligible for a refund are shown.
  2. Select the label you wish to refund to expand it.
  3. Select the Request Refund button. The Request Refund button only appears for unused labels that have not been scanned by USPS.
    SendPro Online History screen with Request Refund button
  4. Select the box to agree to the conditions.
  5. Select Continue.

If you wish to be notified by email when a label refund is approved, that must be enabled under Settings > Email Notifications. If the refund is denied, an email is not sent.

Note: USPS Priority Express money-back guarantee claims cannot be processed in SendPro. See the Priority Mail Express section at to request a refund through USPS.

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UPDATED: August 14, 2021