How To use the Postscript output client FEED commands with Output Manager

Product Feature: Output Client

Operating System: Windows

Profile command: PS_FEED_<feed name>
This is used to specify the groupings for the input paper bins on a Postscript printer.
The <feed name> is the Input Bin value or name as reported in the Page Details Statistics when viewing a job using the Output Manager Viewer

The permitted values are:

<bin> Number(s) of bin(s)
<paper size> The size of the paper in points, the two lengths being separated by a space
<weight> The paper weight in gsm, separated from the size by a space
<color> The paper color name, separated from the weight by a space
<type> The paper type, for example, Plain, separated from the color by a space

This command requires the PPD to be set correctly.

The internal defaults MAIN=1 and AUX=2 are used for Xerox if this command is omitted. There are no defaults for other devices.
Should the appropriate information be absent or invalid during processing, Output Manager will present a pop‐up requesting the correct details.

PSIN_MEDIA_DETAILS_IN_FEEDNAMES=YES can be used to pass media attributes through from PostScript input to PostScript output without requiring the use of PS_FEED_<feedname>.

Default: None
PS_FEED_1=1 or
PS_FEED_2=595 842 80 White Plain

See also: PPD Command in the PDF Output Command Guide manual attached to this article
This Command Guide can also be located in the MGRn.n\doc directory on the system where Output Manager is installed 


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UPDATED: April 21, 2017