How To use the PPD command for models of Xerox Cutsheet PostScript Printers with Output Manager

Product Feature: "Postscript Output client"
PostScript Printer Definitions (PPD)
Different PostScript printers require different printer definitions. While the majority of desktop printers do not need this to be explicitly defined in Output Manager, there are a number of printers that require different media mapping statements, that are used for tray switching features, to assign trays for a page or other specific commands that require the setting of a PPD.

For example Xerox PostScript Printers (a brand), would have models as NPS (Docuprint), Docutech, EPS and Freeflow.

Output Managers PostScript output client (VDD2PS.exe) requires a PPD command.

When not define in the profile or configuration file the PPD command will default to the value of AUTOSELECT.

Refer to PPD command for full details of other values in the PostScript Output Command Guide (VDD2PS.pdf file) in the \MGRn.n\doc directory.

Docuprint and Docutech Xerox Printers are the old models.  When printing to DocuPrint, PPD value must be NPSMAPMEDIA or XRXMAPMEDIA for Docutech.

The Nuvera printers are the later model which uses the Freeflow controller, the recommended PPD value for this model is FFPS.

When using the PPD for these make and models of Postscript Cut sheet printers the following command will also be required.

PS_FEED_<feed name> <paper size> <weight> <color> <type>

For example:
PS_FEED_n=595 842 80 White Plain

Refer to the PostScript Output Command Guide (VDD2PS.pdf file) in the \MGRn.n\doc directory for full details of the PS_FEED_<feed name> command and parameters



Subject: PI/OM to Nuvera PostScript

Initial Details: Hi We are having an issue with paper tray selection when sending PostScript jobs to Nuvera printers from Output Manager. We receive the jobs into PIOM in PCL format, the first page of each job pulls from tray 1 and all subsequent pages from tray 2. If the jobs are sent to the printer in IPDS format, the trays are selected correctly. However, we need to be able to send the jobs in PostScript format due to the fact that there are a lot of jobs and IPDS is too slow. I have tried changing the PS_FEEDn settings in the job profiles as suggested in the support documentation (eg, 595 842 80 White Plain) but when spooling a job, get a warning “Warning failed to map feed name “1” to input bin number, got “595 842 80 White Plain” instead. Changing the settings to “1” for Feed 1 and “2” for Feed 2 only pulls paper from tray 1. The paper settings in Freeflow print manager have been set up to match the media (Tray 1 – “1” 75gsm plain, Tray 2 – “2” 75gsm Plain). I’ve set the PPD value in the profile to “Autoselect”, could you advise if this is the correct value or the specific one for the Freeflow server (version 7.0, SP3)? I attach the following files: System.log Versions.log Licence.dat I’m unable to provide a sample file at this stage as these contain live customer data. I will try to provide a file with de-sensitised data, if possible. Please let me know if there are any other files that you might need. Please could you advise any other actions we can take to resolve this? I have also raised a ticket with Xerox, who support the printer and print server. Many thanks David Robertson IT Operations Communisis Copley Data Centre Wakefield Road Halifax HX3 0TD Phone: +44 (1422) 317661 Internal: 37661 Mobile: +44 (0)7850 655685 Email: ********************************************************************** Communisis UK Limited - registered no: 01006371 is a limited company registered in England and Wales and whose registered office is at Communisis House, Manston Lane, Leeds, LS15 8AH. Please Note: This e mail and its attachments contain only the opinions of the sender and do not necessarily reflect the policy (s) of the Communisis group in general. Confidentiality: This e-mail and the contents of any attachments are intended for the named recipient(s) only and may be confidential. If you have received this e-mail and its contents in error you must take no action based on them, nor must you copy or show them to anyone. Please reply to this e-mail and highlight the error. Warning: Although this e-mail and any attachments have been scanned for viruses, Communisis cannot guarantee that they are virus free. The Communisis group therefore accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by transmission of this e-mail. ********************************************************************** ______________________________________________________________________ This email has been scanned by the Symantec Email service. For more information please visit ______________________________________________________________________ ________________________________

UPDATED: April 26, 2017

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