Invalid or unsupported self defining field extents

When printing to an IPDS printer, error of “Unrecoverable general exception - Invalid or unsupported self-defining-field extents - Sense 02 07 05 action code 00” was displayed and prompt the operator.
The message is vague to know what is the cause of the error.   In this case, a system.log is first best source of information to know the probable cause of the problem. 
Before the error message in the system.log, there is this line “Image/Font Resolution Overriden by Config X/Y 300/300 pels - overriding printer resolution AUTO - Maximum Printer Resolution 300/300 pels”, which tells that something had superseded  the printers resolution.  This can only be VDD2IPDS resolution set-up: the commands in the config for the printer.  
In the IPDS config, by changing RESOLUTION=AUTO and PAGERESOLUTION=AUTO resolved the problem. 

UPDATED: December 15, 2015

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