Are Cantonese and Mandarin typeface supported in PI Output Manager 2.4?


Cantonese, Mandarin typeface or known as Chinese fonts are supported in PI Output Manager 2.4.
Chinese fonts that often comes as double byte fonts are supported since VIP release.
It is not about the tyrpeface, it is more about how the font is constructed.
PI Output Manager do not have these fonts.  Chinese fonts should be provided as external fonts as Type1 or TrueType formats.
But often these fonts comes inline with the job when format are in PostScript or PDF.


Subject: Cantonese and Mandarin typeface

Initial Details: Hi Through a new project will need to absorb new flows with Cantonese and Mandarin typeface. Would you think it is possible to use those Type of font in PIO ? Does some type font are already available ? or do we need to buy some ? if we bought some fonts how those fonts will be compatible with PIO ? How those fonts will be coded inside an output AFP ? Have you ever use those kind of Font ? Could you give us some advise on this matter ? Thank you for your help, we need an answer for our customer for beginning of next week. Kind regards / Cordialement / Mit freundlichen Grüßen Guillaume Gobert Chef de Projet [cid:image001.gif@01D0A845.00101C50] ASTERION France ZAC des Folliouses Rue des monts d'Or - 01700 Miribel Les Echets T: +33 (0) 4 37 26 28 31 | | M: +33 (0) 6 67 92 00 35 [cid:image004.jpg@01D1003D.190CA840] ________________________________

UPDATED: February 09, 2016

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