How to process a badly formatted PDF "Error 26" in PI Output Manager


When PDF Input Client aborts in processing a job and Acrobat Reader able to display the PDF, this maybe due to an error ignored by Acrobat;
like this error: “Error 26 in command Tf]%%%%”.

To validate this case, get the PDF or submit it to GhostScript (not Ghostview).
GhostScript will display messages that concerns Tf; like
Can't find CID font "STSong-Light".
Attempting to substitute CID font /Adobe-GB1 for /STSong-Light, see doc/Use.htm#
The substitute CID font "Adobe-GB1" is not provided either. attempting to use fa
llback CIDFont.See doc/Use.htm#CIDFontSubstitution.

And will also display messages how it compensate, which is the same why Acrobat would:
Loading a TT font from %rom%Resource/CIDFSubst/DroidSansFallback.ttf to emulate
a CID font Adobe-GB1 ... Done.
For the benefit for easier troubleshooting in the future, here is a sample screen capture that illustrate these messages. 
User-added image
To be able to process such PDF jobs, PDFIN_STOP_ON_BAD_COMMAND=NO in the profile may let PDF Input Client to process the badly formatted PDF.


Subject: PDF job has Error 26 in command Tf]%%%%

Initial Details: Job is in X:\Asterion-Int\Germany\04186303 ********************************************************** We are bundling multiple PDF for one of our customers. Since a few weeks, it seems like the customer delivers the PDF with an additional font package. This makes the bundling stop with the following message: [cid:image002.png@01D146FB.A80069B0] According extract from Systmem.log: 31/12/15 - 09:01:03 D000000 PDF-IN - Side 897: %%[ Error 26 in command Tf]%%%% 31/12/15 - 09:01:03 D000000 PDF-IN - Side 897: RIP error text follows.. 31/12/15 - 09:01:03 D000000 PDF-IN - Side 897: " Error 26 in command Tf" 31/12/15 - 09:01:03 E072126 PDF-IN - PDF undefined resource 31/12/15 - 09:01:03 W071076 PDF-IN - BlockSpool mailpiece 531 (265A_M_5235036649_4A97C54DAA021EE5ABEC52EA15E21372.pdf) failed. 31/12/15 - 09:01:03 E072060 PDF-IN - Data Error: PDF undefined resource in command "Tf" 31/12/15 - 09:01:03 W029270 VIPEXEC - Abort message: "PDF-IN - Data Error: PDF undefined resource in command "Tf"" for job 50038 sent to THORSTEN_WOHLFAHRT by PDF-IN 31/12/15 - 09:01:03 D000000 PDF-IN - Process suspended - awaiting abort Is there a possibility to make our System process those files? Please let me know if you need more data than the attached files, please let me know. Freundliche Grüße/Kind regards Thorsten Wohlfahrt Software Developer Strategic Products & Technology [asterion] ASTERION Germany GmbH Heidelberger Str. 59 68519 Viernheim T: +49 (0) 6204 9686 8662 | F: +49 (0) 6204 9686 8636 | M: +49 (0) 175 5864830 Sitz der Gesellschaft: Viernheim Handelsregister: HRB 25327 Amtsgericht: Darmstadt UstIdNr.: DE 813 228 338 Geschäftsführer: Carsten Lind und Reinhold Grocholl

UPDATED: August 07, 2017

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