PIOM - VIPSAMP does not handle ASCII AFP code page


The VIP and PIOM products understand ASCII AFP data files as an incoming DataStream, and there is a profile option that allows this as defined in the AFP Input Users Command Guide. (Check install documentation directory)

As for VIPSAMP and Resources, they are all assumed to be EBCDIC order based as AFP was originally a Mainframe PSF print language, thus defaulting to EBCDIC.

It has been determined that the VIPSAMP program works as designed in PIOM however Product Management would be happy to entertain the idea as an Enhancement which can be raised as detailed below.

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Subject: VIPSAMP does not handle ASCII AFP code page

Initial Details: ERS: 85209 ProfileLoc: K:\UK\Customer\XEROX\us\STATEOFTENN\ER85209\ER85209.prf ProfileLocUSA: K:\Qasuite\XEROX\US\STATEOFTENN\ER85209\ER85209.prf Release: 2.2

UPDATED: April 03, 2015

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