How to understand DFWorks discrepancies


What is a discrepancy?

If DFWorks detects that postage has been spent on a postage meter that it does not know about, it declares a discrepancy.
  • Postage Meter 123456 is used on an inserter that is connected to DFWorks.
  • Postage Meter 123456 is then moved to an older inserter that is not connected to DFWorks.  While on that inserter, the meter processes 200 mailpieces and applies $100 worth of postage.
  • Postage Meter 123456 is then moved back to the original inserter.
  • DFWorks notices that 200 mailpieces and $100 has been processed through the meter, that it cannot account for (because the older inserter is not connected to DFWorks).
  • DFWorks declares a discrepancy for 200 mailpieces and $100.
Consequences of DFWorks discrepancies
Mailpieces and postage that are contained in a discrepancy are not reflected in any DFWorks reports.

As a result, the data in the reports may not balance with other data sources, such as a customer’s internal reports, or Postage By Phone reports.
Therefore, it is important to resolve DFWorks discrepancies as soon as they are discovered.
How are DFWorks discrepancies resolved?

By default (using the example above), DFWorks allows the user to assign the missing 200 mailpieces and $100 to the most-recent good transaction for that meter.
DFWorks also allows the user to assign the missing mailpieces and postage to another account, mailrun, machine, & operator of their choice.
“Spurious” Discrepancies

From time to time, inserters may not report all of the mailpieces that have been processed through a meter.  Usually this results from mailpieces that jammed on the inserter in the vicinity of the postage meter.

When this occurs, DFWorks will detect the missing mailpieces and postage, and will declare a discrepancy.

Under these circumstances, it is usually appropriate to use DFWorks’ default discrepancy-resolution behavior (i.e. assign the discrepancy to the most-recent good transaction for that meter).

UPDATED: April 14, 2017

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