Reprinting a refill receipt on the DM Infinity

Learn how to reprint a refill receipt on the DM Infinity.
Products affected: DM Infinity™
If you misplaced your receipt or did not print it, you can reprint the receipt for your last postage refill. This is a duplicate of the receipt that was printed at the time of the refill and includes the following:
  • Refill: The date and time of the refill
  • Refill Amount: The amount of the refill
  • Funds Available: The total amount of funds available to print after the refill
  • Prepaid: The amount available in your prepaid postage account after the refill
  • Additional Funds Available: The amount of funds available in your Purchase Power® account
  • Account No.: Your PB Postage account number
  • Meter No.: The serial number of your meter
  • The date and time the receipt was printed is also listed
Follow these steps to reprint the most recent receipt:
  1. Press Reports
  2. Select Most Recent Refill Receipt
  3. Press Start to print the report on an envelope or press Tape to print the report on a tape

UPDATED: August 14, 2021

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