Scale not weighing or no scale line on the DM100i-DM225

Learn how to resolve your scale not weighing or no scale line on the DM100i, DM125, DM200L and DM225.
Products affected: DM100®i, DM125™, DM200L™ DM225™


Your scale does not weigh and your scale line on the display is missing, or the number is missing for the pounds and ounces.


  • Your meter does not communicate with your scale.
  • Your scale is defective.


There are two ways to troubleshoot this issue; try them in this order:
  1. Zero your scale
  2. Reboot your meter

Solution 1: Zero your scale
  1. Select SCALE.
  2. Select Zero the scale.
  3. Test your scale with an item of known weight.
 See Zeroing your scale  for more help with zeroing issues.

If this does not resolve your issue, try Solution 2.

Solution 2: Reboot your meter
  1. Lift your scale off of your meter.
  2. Unplug your power cord.
  3. Wait three minutes. During this time: 
    1. Turn your scale upside down.
    2. Verify that your scale pins are not bent.
    3. Remove the 4 rubber pads from the bottom of your scale.
  4. Plug your meter back in, and place your scale back on top of your meter.
  5. Test your scale with an item of known weight.

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UPDATED: October 20, 2021

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