Resolve Internet Explorer v.11 issue in DFWorks version 2.7

Product Feature: Web Browser

Operating System: Windows Server 2003

Database: Oracle 9i

Configuration: Postage Accounting and Funds Management


Customer workstations were upgraded to Internet Explorer version 11, and the customers DFWorks version 2.7 would not work with it. With IE 11 the customer was having a problem with Postage Accounting reports, they could not use the selection menu pull-downs.


DFWorks version 2.7 only supports IE 6 & 7.


Upgraded DFWorks to version 2.10.23 which supports IE 8. Then had customer to the browser tools and select "Compatibility Mode" and enter the DFWorks I.P. address. This allowed the customer to run reports.

UPDATED: April 19, 2017

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