DFWorks Funds Refill Error - PBP Center Error 303

Product Feature: Funds Management

Operating System: Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2008

Database: Oracle 9i/Oracle 11g

Configuration: All


When trying to refill a meter in DFWorks Funds Management it fails with the "PbP Center Error 303 (The PBP task cannot make a socket connection to the Data Center server.)" message.


The PbP Center Error 303 is a network related error.


If all meters at the site are getting the PbP Center Error 303, check the following:

1. Make sure that the customer LAN NIC card is configured correctly. (I.P. Address, subnet mask, default gateway)
  • If it is not configured correctly, make the corrections and try to refill again.
  • If it is configured correctly, move to step 2.
2. Test LAN connectivity by pinging known devices with the customer network. 
  • If unable to ping devices on the customer segment, have customer IT team check network.
  • If able to ping other devices, move to step 3. 
3. Test connection to Postage by Phone center by:
  • Open a command prompt on the DFWorks Web/App server.
  • Type the following command:   telnet cometservp1.pb.com 80
  • If successful the command prompt will go blank. If it fails to get to the center it will display a timeout message.
  • If the test fails, have customer IT team verify firewall connectivity to Cometservp1.pb.com.

If only one meter at the site is getting the PbP Center Error 303, check the following:

1. Make sure meter network settings are correct. (I.P. Address, subnet mask, default gateway)

2. Move the meter to a known working inserter and try to refill the meter through DFWorks.
  • If the meter refills, check the inserter network connections to the meter.
  • If the meter fails to refill, replace the meter. 

UPDATED: October 30, 2015

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