How the P/I Output Manager software is packaged and distributed

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade

Operating System: Windows

Database: None

Configuration: Any
POIM software is now distributed for ease of install and upgrade with the following directories. 
  1. Install - this is a full install directory complete with a Setup Install Shield wizard.  Double clicking the Setup exe launches the wizard which walks you through the new system install.  The setup wizard allows you to read the installation guide to get a full understanding of the various types of installation or if you are familiar with the process, to proceed directly to installing.
  2. Bin folder - with all executable and dll files specific to a maintenance pack.  The subdirectories specific to that version are also included. 
  • x64 - 64 bit executables and dll files.
  • RIP2 - files in subfolders specific to the PDF input Rip2 code.
With this second group of files you can simply copy and paste the BIN, with its files and subfolders, directly over the current installed BIN replacing all current files in the folder.  PIOM Vipexec must be stopped to do this, but upon startup, you are now running the newer maintenance level. 

Note:  Files within the system subfolders Job and Jtickets from different maintenance code levels may be updated when switching between versions. It is best to do this when you have the fewest jobs in the queue.  When moving to a lower maintenance release level, you may see messages about the JOBQUEUE.DAT file and that it was created using a newer version of the Vipexec.  These messages are expected.  Do not move or remove the current BIN folder, as not all files created during the full install are present in this BIN replacement process.


UPDATED: May 15, 2018