How to setup and Output Client

When Output Manager is installed, output configuration files (called as config) are also created; with some values must be filled, to point to the device.
For example, setting an IPDS Output Client for an IPDS printer would have these commands or parameters inside its config file :

If the device is connected via ethernet and using TCP/IP protocol, then CHANNELTYPE must keep to have TCPIP value. User must provide the TCPHOST value, which should be the static IP address of the IPDS printer.

Output client can be in different form. Instead of being a device like a printer, it could be a path where to create a file, or viewer.
AFP, IJET, IJPDS, PDF, PCL, PostScript and TIFF output will have OUTPUTTYPE rather CHANNELTYPE. Aside from this command, other commands are required as mandatory.  The commands in config files created during installation, have all the commands required to connect or setup a device. Like the value of TCPHOST in the example, some parameter values required to be changed.
The information about where to find the configuration files will be in \bin\ui.bat, define by these DOS commands:
set vipcfgp=  : defines the path to find the configuration files
set vipcfge=  : defines the file extensions of configuration files

There are commands that can be added in a configuration file for customisation. Further information for these commands will be in each PDF for every Output Command Guide and repeated in Output Manager User Guide. Note, many output client commands will function and override the value defined in its config file, when used in the profile.


Subject: New printer config

Initial Details: Hi, We’re going to need to set up a new laser printer soon in Output manager and I need to check with you as to what we would need in the config file. The printer is a Canon VC10000 we’re going to be using IPDS. I’ve attached the config that we currently use for one of our Xerox Nuvera printers would this work with the new printer or do we need to change anything (besides the IP address). Regards Simon Partridge I Development Programmer Capita Intelligent Communications, Capita, 7-11 Lower Oakham Way, Oakham Business Park, Mansfield, NG18 5BY E I Follow us on LinkedIn Capita Intelligent Communications is a trading name of Capita Business Services Limited I Company No. 02299747 Capita Business Services Limited a company registered in England I Registered office: 71 Victoria Street, Westminster, SW1H 0XA [cid:image002.png@01D2F95B.C6C95870] This email is security checked and subject to the disclaimer on web-page:

UPDATED: July 18, 2018

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