Supplies, ink cartridges and optional accessories for the SendPro C, SendPro+ (2H00, 8H00)

Products affected:
SendPro® C, SendPro®+ (2H00, 8H00)

Supplies for SendPro C, SendPro+ (2H00, 8H00)

For pricing information, please go to the following web site:
DescriptionPart Code Number (PCN)
Waste Ink Pad Kit51A-P
Easy Seal Solution601-9
E-Z Seal ® Sealing Solution - 4 pint size bottles601-0
E-Z Seal ® Sealing Solution - 4 half gallon bottles608-0
E-Z Seal ® Sealing Solution - 5 gallon Cubetainer605-0
Moistener Brush, Wick and Grate621-8
25 double sheets612-9
150 double sheets620-9
United We Stand™ Ad Patriotic tape sheets613-9
Deluxe Cleaning Kit with Duster (canned air)CK0-3
Small Cleaning Kit with Duster (canned air)CK0-2
Office Equipment CleanerCK0-4
Small Business Cleaning Kit (without canned air)CK0-1
Supply Pack for SendPro C200-C425516-1 (check PCN and description)

Supplies for Workstation w1110 Label Printer

DescriptionPart Code Number (PCN)
Networked SendKit/w1110 Shipping Labels6WB-F
Direct Thermal Labels 4" x 6" (6 rolls)745-1

Ink Cartridges

DescriptionCapacityPart Code Number (PCN)
SendPro C200-C425 red fluorescent ink cartridge17 mlSL-798-0
SendPro C200-C425 red fluorescent ink cartridge35 ml793-5

Optional Accessories

DescriptionPart Code Number (PCN)
Integrated scaleMP81
External USB scale with displayMP82
Backlit scale mounted graphical display for MP82 scaleMP00098
Backlit self-standing graphical tower display for MP82 scaleMP00099
External USB platform scale (15/30 lb.)MT30
External USB platform scale (70 lb.)MT70
2.0 4-port USB Hub552-3
I D barcode scannerIE02
Report Printer1E50
Envelope drop stackerHZ80001



UPDATED: October 23, 2019