How to Duplex Specific Files in PI Output Manager




User is trying to send PDF files through PIOM, adding banners and then having PIOM output PS out to a printer.

The duplex call is added through a VIPOPT based off the FORM.

When LPRing to the OCE 6250, it shows up in the default queue, but will only simplex.

When the User outputs to the file through the same steps, and LPR from my desktop to the same printer and printer queue, the duplex command is correct.


The vipopt and modifier were using the wrong PPD for the Duplex.  In this case, PPD=DP65 should be used for both printers, along with the resolution below.


Watch_dt will call opsdt to actually transmit the job. The default config file that opsdt will use is the opsDTconfig from the watched directory.

The config parameter is vipmod=<modifier_name>. The modifier name does NOT have an extension.

The actual modifier file goes in the /ops/data directory and does have an extension of “.MOD”.

The best documentation is to run the module without any parameters and look at the usage that way. Just run opsdt with no parms and page through the parameters and their descriptions.

UPDATED: August 08, 2017

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